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A 1.86 million project (2012-2015) funded through the Catchment Restoration Fund and successfully completed - delivering improvements in ecological status across the catchment under the Water Framework Directive in the areas of fisheries management, land management - agriculture, land management - biodiversity and data & surveying.

The project was managed by the Westcountry Rivers Trust (WRT) and run on a partnership basis with 14 partners in all. Fisheries work was co-ordinated by RTFA, WRT and the EA.


In-River (Fish) Habitat Improvements - in addition to access over weirs work for which see Weirs Project website page:

  • Coppicing - 6km approx.

  • Debris Dams - 29 blockages removed

  • Spawning Gravels - 82 sites cleaned

  • Woody Debris Introduction and Revetments - 5 sites

Catchment Management for Improved Water Quality:

  • Farms visited and advised - 121

  • Farm Plans written - 86

  • Farm Instruction Projects - 22

  • Watercourse Fencing - 18km

  • Alternative Drinking Sources installed - 26

  • Soil and Nutrient Tests - 48

  • Culm Habitat Restoration - 700 acres

  • Reports, Studies and Publications - 6

Thanks are due to all members of the partnership.

River Taw - Devon
River Taw - Devon
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