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River Taw Byelaws




1 March to 30 September

Sea Trout

15 March to 30 September

Brown Trout

15 March to 30 September


Fly fishing permitted all season

Spinning permitted until 31 March

No other method or bait fishing permitted



No salmon to be retained before 16th June

No salmon greater than 70cm in length to be retained after 31 July

Salmon bag limits

2 fish in any 24 hour period

3 fish in any 7 day period

10 fish in a season

No rod caught salmon to be sold or offered for sale

Sea Trout bag limits

5 fish in any 24 hour period

15 fish in any 7 day period

40 fish in a season

Size limit 25cm

No rod caught sea trout to be sold or offered for sale

Brown Trout

Size limit 20cm

The above bag limits should not be regarded as targets and Taw fishermen are encouraged to operate as far within these limits as they can. RTFA supports the highest level of "catch and release" especially for larger fish, the important brood stock of the future. As regards sea trout we strongly recommend the release of all fish under 1lb and over 4lbs. In the 2016 season over 75% of salmon and over 80% of sea trout were released. The Association is keen that these levels are maintained for salmon and increased for sea trout. The sustainability of fish stocks is key to the future of our river.

Salmon weight/length conversion chart



Approx. wt.

Approx. wt.

6023.62.395  4
6525.63.036  11
7027.63.778  5   Max after 31st July

7529.54.6310  3
8031.55.6112  6
8533.56.7114  13
9035.47.9517  8
9537.49.3320  9
10039.410.8623  15
10541.312.5527  11
10942.914.0230  14

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