River Taw Weir Project 2007-2015

The River Taw and its Headwaters 


Our Work Reducing Weirs

Taw Access over Weirs Project - 2007-2015 - a successful partnership between the River Taw Fisheries Association, the Westcountry Rivers Trust and the Environment Agency.

The project had its beginnings in March 2007 when Alan Sullivan, an independent consultant commissioned by RTFA, completed his "Overview of Proposed Supplementary Atlantic Salmon Hatchery and Preliminary Investigation of Fish Passage on the River Taw". This led the RTFA Committee to pursue the access over weirs route. The project gained momentum in November 2007 following completion of the "Overview to Fish Passage on the River Taw System" by Greg Armstrong, the EA National Fish Pass Officer, which provided weir by weir recommendations.

The project has involved a huge amount of work and we must thank the Westcountry Rivers Trust and the Environment Agency for everything they have done on our behalf and also all those RTFA members who contributed to the two fundraisings which provided the seed capital for accessing the rest of the funding. Each weir has presented its own challenges which led to this phrase being coined – “There is no such thing as an easy weir; just a weir with a different degree of difficulty”. Fish access at all 12 weirs on the main system has been improved.

We must now let nature and the salmon and sea trout life cycle take their course. We are very hopeful that the improvement to fish passage along with all the habitat work being done on the river will have a significant beneficial effect on our river and its fish stocks.

The images below show the before and after condition of the 12 weirs in date order.

List of Weirs Removed   
Head Weir (Mole) - 2010
Head Weir Before  Head Weir After
Clapworthy (Bray) - 2011
Clapworthy Weir Before  Clapworthy Weir After
Irishman's Wall (Upper Taw) - 2011
Irishman's Wall Before  Irishman's Wall After
Skaigh (Upper Taw) - 2011
Skaigh Weir After
Colleton (Upper Taw) - 2013
Colleton Weir Before   Colleton Weir After
Sticklepath (Upper Taw) - 2013
Sticklepath before work    Sticklepath after works

North Wyke (Upper Taw) - 2013
North Molton (Mole) - 2014

Rashleigh (Upper Taw) - 2014 Eel Pass Installed

Filleigh (Bray) - 2014
Eggesford (Upper Taw) - 2015

North Tawton (Upper Taw) - 2015