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AGM, Talk and Dinner

AGM, Talk and Dinner

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Following a slight hiatus caused by a change in their business model I can now (finally) confirm the RTF&CA  Annual General Meeting  will be held at the Tea Rooms, High Bullen House Hotel, commencing at 1730 on Fri 31 March 2022.  

1915 - 2000 Guest Speakers - Harry Chance. Agricultural Regulatory Inspection Officer Environment Management Land and Water (Devon and Cornwall Agriculture Team) followed by Phil Metcalfe of the North Devon Biosphere about the DRIP project, slowing the flow on our tributaries.

2015 - Dinner. In the tea Room

Main Course:  Locally sourced Roast beef and a selection of seasonal vegetables

                       Or Gently poached Spinach & Ricotta Ravioli Parmesan Cream Seasonal                           Vegetables

 Pudding:        Sticky toffee pudding

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